I work out of an abstract expressionist tradition. I have always tended toward abstraction because I’ve preferred to embark on the creative journey without preconcieved notions of the outcome, thus allowing me room for real exploration. I use several printmaking techniques in combination to achieve a textural surface that incorporates many calligraphic marks and superimposes them over a landscape of organic forms. By layering a series of complex, transparent images where things go in and out of focus, I create an ambiguous space. My aim is to create an image that reveals itself slowly over time as opposed to being accessible all at once.

Collage has been an important part of my work for a long time now. I love to work on paper. Sometimes my pieces have actual collaged elements in them – whether paintings or prints. But mostly its the principle of combining fragments of different images and marks so that the composite parts create a whole image. My processes are labor intensive and varied. Often, a single work combines multiple printmaking processes before I go back in and work images with hand embellishments. It is the combination of different printmaking processes (collagraphs, linocuts, monotypes, screenprints, and/or computer generated printed images) with painting and drawing techniques which allow me to achieve a rich surface, intense color and strong bold images. Texture is also very important to the work. By working in a medium that allows me to create multiples, I can take a single image through a variety of permutations, and watch the evolution of my ideas.

Though the work is clearly abstract and I intend no literal interpretation, I consider most of the images to reflect an inner landscape